The One-on-One Book Pitch Package



"Pssst. Nothing is stopping you."

"Pssst. Nothing is stopping you."


Here’s a secret, you don’t need to have a finished manuscript to get a book deal. All you need is an amazing idea and as little as 10 pages. (But finished manuscripts are good, too.) To get the benefits of The Shocking Real-Life Book-Pitck Package, here’s what to expect after enrolling in this service using the link below:

  1. Send me your completely confidential book idea, synopsis and no more than 30 pages. (The pages are even optional.)
  2. We’ll schedule three 1-hour one-on-one conferences (via iChat, Skype or just just plain telephone if you want). In addition to this, there will be 2-3 additional hours of time on my part as I treat your pages, research my cadre of agents and their latest acquisitions, and write a draft of your pitch letter:
  • Conference 1 will focus on your material and devise a plan to format it so it’s immediately surmountable for an agent to consider. This is important because you will be submitting cold and you need to distinguish yourself from the slush pile.
  • Conference 2 we will discuss the right agent(s) for your material, the 10 pages you will submit to the agent and how exactly to write the pitch letter.
  • Conference 3 we will make sure your entire pitch package is completely clean before you email it to the agent (it can be a process, believe me), then — most important and, for some reason, often the hardest part — the pressing of “SEND.”

This purpose of this package is to focus your idea and material into a lean, to-the-point pitch that will intrigue an agent, who will then sell your book to a publisher so you can commence your new life as a published author.

This package is not for people who simply want to sit around bloviating about how hard it is to get a book deal. There are plenty of local coffee houses packed with people perpetuating that myth. Don’t be one of them. This package is proven effective, not just by me, but by the dozens of people I’ve helped acquire literary agent representation because of it. This is your opportunity to get your book deal.

Just a quick note of thanks for the one-on-one this evening. It was absolutely wonderful and more helpful and encouraging and grounding than I think you can possibly imagine. I know you are probably used to this (given the ease and natural way with which you handled the conversation), but it really did shed SO much light on so many aspects of this process for me — both external and internal elements of this crazy endeavor, and I am so grateful. I KNEW you‘d be the right person to work with! I loved how direct and not ‘trying to be overly professional’ you were – I mean that in the most flattering way, because some people, when they don’t have the substance or experience or depth, try and cloak everything in rigid professionalism. Anyway, I am totally excited to go forward. I think we TOTALLY stumbled upon something that a) is absolutely perfect for the hook we were talking about and b) hugely enormous for my life in general.” Allison Gustavson

The Shocking Real-Life One-on-One Book Pitch Package
Cost: $1500

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