Book a Room at the Frognolia Gothic Mansion for the Shocking Real Life Creative Writing Retreat


This is an expressive, creative, artistic space. For example, one room is christened “The Sewing Room,” and throughout is art created from found items all included in the estate Milford Thomas bought it. Milt is a

filmmaker and remarkable artist, with an astounding eye for visual poetry. You are set to be so inspired. Another room is called “The Play Room,” adorned with antique framed game boards. Other rooms are “The Poe Room,” embellished with movie posters, Vincent Price memorabilia.  Another room is “The Girl’s Room,” decorated with a cacophony of fascinating material culled treasures found in the attic. It’s all more than can be described in this medium. It’s so amazing, the way Milt has cultivated not just a place for to stay, but a story to inspire us. Milt has created a true whimsical Southern Gothic experience. Walls have been left with the original painted plaster in place, sanded down to a visual miasma of

textures. Light fixtures are porcelain art pieces from ages gone by. Quirky period chandeliers drip from the ceilings. These crazy, flawed, curated details are completely in line with the kind of creative experience I want to impart with you during our weekend together! Get ready, people! It’s gonna be an amazing weekend!! I am so looking forward to seeing you!!