Mar 122010

The economy has hit few professions harder than it has hit writers and journalists. It takes time (lean times) to build your own platform in order to stay above extinction. If not for local discount vendors like ScoutMob, I probably wouldn’t leave the house. ScoutMob is a free service that gives you up to 60% discounts at some of your favorite restaurants and other businesses in Atlanta. Check it out. Because if you don’t leave the house, how the hell are you gonna find stuff to write about?

You know you wanna join the ‘mob…

If you enjoy eating food, discovering new favorite spots, and exploring our fair city for all it’s worth, you’re really gonna dig Scoutmob. And if you sport this ‘stache? We’re really gonna dig you right back. But with or without the fake facial hair, Scoutmob is here to bring you absurd deals on your favorite local places. Think Murphy’s, The Shed, ONE. midtown kitchen and Souper Jenny. Now think of them at 50% off. We also come with curious tidbits to share with all your ‘mob-loving, deal-getting friends.

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