Jan 062010

Fear causes writers block, and fear can get you out of it. Back before I went and spawned, I used to write on layovers during my job as a fight attendant. I was terrified to fly and certain I had one night left to live before I got back on the plane the next morning and had to commence crashing into a culdesac.

Today I no fly for a living. I write for a living, and like all professional writers I sometimes sit in front of a blank screen and feel like it’s been years since I dripped the last drop of my creativity.When this happens I just think of my daughter and how, unless I put those words on the page, I won’t make any income and we’ll probably end up losing our home and living under a freeway overpass. Even though that outcome is unlikely (hopefully), that fear exists in my head, and the words on the page are what rescues us.

Here is a link to a radio interview in which the editor of Creative Loafing, Chante LeGon, gets me to talk more on the subject of fear and it’s effect on the writing process.