15-Day “Swift Kick in the Butt” Intensive Writers Program


September 5–19, 2016 sold out!

The Shocking Real Life “Swift Kick in the Butt” Intensive Writers Program is an instructor-curated, email-based challenge that incorporates daily writing prompts, coaching steps, professional feedback and an online community, all to reignite your passion for writing and get you back on track with your writing project.

Sign up now! Enrollment is limited to just 15 people. SOLD OUT!
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Price: $349 for this 15-day, intensive writing program that begins September 5, 2016. 100% secure payment. Instant registration confirmation.

“This was the most inspired I have been in years, your class really did kick my ass and make me feel like a real writer again. It was so soul satisfying . . . it was the first time in years I wrote more than a few sentences. I am forever grateful for lighting the fire inside me again!” Laura Sosa-Rocha

“This was the most inspiring kick in the pants ever!” Jane Levings

Who’s Eligible?

All writers. Feedback is monitored and curated through me, your instructor, Hollis Gillespie. I’m a bestselling author, Writers Digest essay-contest judge, celebrated writing instructor, and well-known hard-ass with a proven talent to incubate other best-selling authors from my pool of students. This challenge is perfect for those working on a specific project, writers who want to get back into the daily habit of creating, or others who want to develop a customized writing regime that adjusts to their life’s demands. It’s open to all levels and all genres. (But enrollment is limited, so sign yer ass up immediately.)

Still hesitant? Okay, Answer these questions. Are you a writer who is:

  • Upset you don’t write more?
  • Eager to set and reach a writing goal?
  • In need of more creativity in your life?
  • Hungry for encouragement and constructive direction?
  • Unsure that what you want to write is worth reading?
  • Flummoxed over how to begin your book?

If any of these statements apply, then this challenge is essential for you!

“This has been an awesome experience. A big thank you to Hollis for kicking my ass, fixing my ramblings, and providing direction and focus.” Brenda Sherwood

Daily Writing Stimuli and “Cattle Prods”

I, Hollis Gillespie, your esteemed, prone-to-inappropriate-conversation instructor, will provide daily writing prompts that will cattle-prod you to put words on the page every single day for 15 days. These prompts will be encouraging, often hilarious, and definitely enlightening. They will help you rekindle your love of writing, focus on a structure for your writing regime, and help you understand, and honor, your own individual creative process.

Butt-Kickin’ Coaching

In the eight years since I started the Shocking Real Life Learning Center, I can’t count how many times I hear writers say they need a good “kick in the ass.” So over the years I’ve gotten really good at creative ass-kicking. Hence the daily coaching steps I’ve developed; they galvanize you to push your limits, establish a daily writing routine and prioritize it according to your unique schedule. The goal is to have you to set surmountable goals, keep you on track with your writing regime, and create a support system among other creatives you can reach out to when you’re feeling discouraged.

Your Own Writing Group

This 15-Day Challenge will also afford you the opportunity to establish your own writing community of like-minded writers. By the way, I curate this group and guide feedback. This is important, because I want you to know this is NOT like submitting your work to a random internet group for an online critique, which I emphatically advise writers against. That would be like tossing your baby into a boiling pool of piranha fish. This writing group is overseen by me and will offer you a safe place where you can meet other creatively-minded individuals who are facing your same challenges. Concise instructions on how to enlist in this community will be provided well before the commencement of the writing challenge.

What We Ask From YOU!

All we ask is one-half hour per per day for 15 straight days.
Sign up now! Enrollment is limited to just 15 people.  SOLD OUT!
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Price: $349 for this 15-day, intensive writing program that begins September 5, 2016. 100% secure payment. Instant registration confirmation.