Jul 122011

Lisa Baron, author of the scadalously fabulous Life of the Party; A Political Press Tart Bares All and graduate of the Shocking Real Life Writers Retreat is hosting her book-launch party this Thursday and you are invited! (Behold the invitation below.) Her book is getting scads of national and international attention. Just read this racy piece in the UK’s  Daily Mail. Or this titillating preview in the New York Daily Post, which proclaims,Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and Monica Crowley may think they’re pretty bold. But when it comes to baring the secret ardor of a conservative woman, nobody undresses like Lisa Baron.”

 “I had two things working for me that I believe made the difference: determination and Hollis Gillespie’s kick-ass work shop!” Lisa Baron says. “The workshop gave me the confidence I needed to continue following my dream of becoming a published author. She was key to helping me fine tune my proposal and her personal involvement in my journey has been invaluable.”

 Congratulations, Lisa!

The next Shocking Real Life Book Writers Boot Camp Weekend is Sept. 17–18. Click below to sign up at a $25 discount!

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Invitation to Lisa’s Book Launch Party:

baron invite

Feb 172011

So you think your great idea for a blog is gonna “go” viral the minute you push “publish”? It’s possible, just like it’s possible for you to hit a ball out of Wrigley Park your first time at bat. So for those who want to be smart about how to avoid blog mistakes, here is a list of the top 5 blogging bad moves you can make right out of the chute, and how to avoid them:


It astounds me when people begin blogs certain their posts will “go” viral when Continue reading »